We are all born with a desire to create. A little boy playing with Legos, a little girl playing dress up with her dolls — we are instinctively creative people. Sometimes we lose that joy creativity and self expression brings to us. Other times, our creativity becomes an endless pursuit for perfection that drains our passion for it. My wish is to never let go of that natural joy felt when creating something new and fun, and genuinely me.

My key areas of creative expression come in the forms of graphic design, photography, and music. At age 13 I discovered my passion for visual arts and digital design. My dedication to mastering both design software and design techniques comes only out of the joy I get from doing the work — creating in and of itself! Likewise, the very act of taking a photograph is enjoyable, perplexing, challenging, and valuable.

I have worked with a wide variety of clients from non-profits and families to large scale businesses and organizations. Please contact me if you are interested in any design or photography services. For more information on my areas of expertise or resumé, please browse the rest of the about section. New information is added periodically.